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“To’ buona acqua rosa e mollatene ne le mani; di poi togli del fiore di spigo e frigate fre l’una mano e latria, ed è buono.”

- Leonardo da Vinci -


Leonardo da Vinci is known worldwide as a genius, visionary, inventor, sculptor, painter and architect. A man who fully embodied the spirit of his time and who has been able to excel in numerous disciplines.

Not many, however, know that Leonardo Da Vinci was a charming man, with a particularly focus on the self-care and court advisor for women such as, for example, his friend Caterina Sforza who kept in his compendium recipes for the care and hair color created by him. He also mentioned perfumes deriving from lavender (Spigo) , Orange (Naranza) or water with rose petals (Aquafina) in addition to jasmine : all natural and pleasant aromas to smell and for the skin.

Davide Racano , biologist, specialized in ecological and environmental studies at the University of Florence with an experimental biodiversity thesis at the Museo della Specola , approached the world of cosmetics through Roberto Bonfanti's Hur® Laboratories , a historic company that produces natural cosmetics in Florence.
For passion, and also for work needs, since 2007 he has devoted a lot of time to the conception of cultural events on Leonardo both nationally - Florence in the first place - and internationally in the United States, Canada, China, Denmark, England with the collection of machines of the Niccolai family .

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